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【Starlight Legend】Closure Announcement

Dear 【Starlight Legend】players,

After running for several years, it is really pain for us to say it but【Starlight Legend】will officially shut down the server on February 28th, 2020 at 12:00. After the server shut down, players will not be able to log in to the game. We have a compensation plan for you.

In-game remains diamonds can be transferred to other game:

1. Please download【Naruto World】: 

Google Play download:  https://bit.ly/3abZUyA

iOS download:  https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ninja-schlacht/id1435684616?l=zh&ls=1

2. 【Starlight Legend】players account remain diamonds will be converted into diamonds in the 【Naruto World】according to a certain ratio, the exchange ratio: 1:1 (if the remaining diamonds is 10, you can get 10 corresponding diamonds). The amount of transfering diamonds cannot exceed the amount of recharging diamonds.

3. Contact the official customer service staff of the FB homepage or in-game customer service to provide the 【Starlight Legend】game account information. 

4. Please provide the following information when applying for diamond exchange: 

+Apply for an account: 

+The server: 

+Character name: 

+Currently owned diamonds: 

+Transfer game name: Naruto World

+The new server:

+New Character name:

+Account ID:

5. Our customer service will check player's information and will send ingame email within 24 hours.


1. The diamonds exchange can only be transferred to 【Naruto World】in the same account.

2. Transfer only the remaining diamonds, which will not increase the VIP point in the new game.

3. Apply for transfering recharged surplus diamonds. Please contact our customer service from January 16th, 2020 to 12:00 February 28th,2020 to submit the application. If it is overdue, it will not be processed.